Why Set Up a Mainland Company in Dubai?

The state of Dubai has emerged as the most favored destination over the years not only for the job seekers but also for the tourists, entrepreneurs, and investors. The booming real estate sector has seen massive investment inflows from many countries including the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Australia, and Canada. Similarly, the graph shows an upward trend in investments in other sectors including education, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, insurance, construction, and retail services. Forming a retail business in Dubai has come into question in the past few years a lot more than any other business because of its immense potential in a market which is flooded with a huge presence of expatriates. Most of this expats community consists of the people who have relocated to Dubai with the aim to enhance their career at an international level and in a competitive market and industry.

The diverse expats community represents over a 100 nations across the globe and this is why Dubai offers a great potential to the international companies setting up their retail outlets in the state. Dubai has also become the center-state of business activities and is regarded as the trade and business hub in the Middle Eastern region. Over the past many years, a number of foreign companies have set up their regional offices in Dubai. The production units based their premises in the free zones while the companies selling directly to the consumers opted for the Mainland Dubai option.

Let’s get some information about the advantages of forming an onshore company in the Mainland Dubai.

  1. All the companies and businesses established in Dubai Mainland enjoy exemption from corporate taxes.
  2. As a foreigner, you’re barely aware of the local laws and regulations as well as the culture. However, being the owner of an onshore company in the Mainland Dubai, you have to look for a local business partner who owns 51 percent stakes in your company. This business partner can really help you establish the company and business in Dubai due to his public relations skills.
  3. The onshore companies don’t have to keep in mind any minimum capital prerequisite to start their operations in Mainland Dubai.
  4. The onshore companies are allowed to have trade relations with other mainland companies in the United Arab Emirates.
  5. The onshore companies can set up their office anywhere in Dubai. They can also establish more than one offices in Mainland Dubai.