5 Pre-Laundry Tips You Need To Do

Doing laundry is a chore that many try to avoid. It can be time-consuming and a tedious one, especially of you have piles of clothes to wash and clean. The good news is, there are laundry shops and wash and fold service companies who are willing to do the job for you.

But before you bring your clothes to the nearest laundry in Discovery Gardens, you need to do these prep tips so you can ensure that your clothes will be clean and fresh once you pick them up from the laundry shop:

  1. Sort your clothes


The first thing that you need to do before you bring your laundry to the wash and fold service, you need to sort out the white ones from the colored. Supposed that the shop can do this as part of their service, but it would be best if you do it on your own. You get to know how many clothes you are going to bring to the shop and determine the kind of stains that you are dealing it.


  1. Make a list of your laundry


Apart from sorting, you may need to make a list of clothes for washing. You may probably heard a number of laundry horror stories where clothes got lost during their trip to the laundry shop. To ensure that you are getting the same number of clothes after washing, compare your list to the pile of clothes you picked up from the laundry. If there are some discrepancies, you can also the laundry shop for the missing apparels. Chances are, some of the missing clothes where mistakenly left in the bin or got included on other’s laundry bin.


  1. Call the laundry shop


Before you bring your laundry to the shop, it would be best to call their business place first. You need to know if they can accommodate your clothes. There are instances when the wash and fold service is fully loaded and reached their capacity. You need to know whether they can wash your clothes and delivery them at your doorstep in time.


  1. Leave instructions


The main reason why you sort your laundry is for you to determine what specific instructions you need to leave the laundry shop. Be sure to be as detailed as possible and talk to the personnel present to relay your instructions. It would be best if you can write it and have it received.

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