Scan through concrete with ground penetrating radar

Rebar scanner are commonly used in concrete scanning operations. These are based on ground penetrating radar technology. This particular technology is used to locate post tension cables and any rebar that might be present inside concrete. This method is applied before drilling through concrete. GPR concrete scanning has come a long way with the passage of time and is now the method of choice when there is a need for concrete to be scanned before a construction project.

The utilization of GPR system technology is highly recommended before the initiation of projects that require duct work, sewerage, plumbing and the installation of electrical fittings. The best part about this technique is that it is extremely simple. The only thing that it requires is for the area to be identified. This is basically the area in which drilling needs to be done. Once that is done, a grid scan can be performed for the identification of the location of rebar, and post tension cables. With that out of the way, engineers can proceed with their work as drilling locations are laid out away from post tension cables and structural rebar. On the whole, GPR concrete scanning reduces the onset of instances that require patch or repair work in case a drilled hole encounters rebar. Most importantly, the entire process is as non-invasive as possible and guarantees the protection of maintaining the integrity of the structure.

When construction work needs to be performed over essential services like power plants, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, factories and maintenance facilities without shutting them down, it is necessary for ground penetrating radar to be used before the initiation of all cutting and drilling related tasks. This is the best solution for the simple reason that it prevents damages to the structure during all sorts of coring works and does not require for the entire facility to be shut down. Hence, if drilling and coring related tasks needs to be performed over facilities and structures that cannot be shut down on a large scale, it is best for the engineers to opt for ground penetrating radar or GPR to identify post tension cables and other electrical works. The best part is that out of all the different methods available for this purpose, concrete scanning with the help of ground penetrating radar happens to be the least expensive and the least invasive, which is the reason why it is so popular.