Dubai Travels – Do It The Right Way

Dubai is the tourism capital is a fact and so is the notion that the city welcomes millions of tourists every year. However, if you think for a moment that all of these tourists spend time on things that are worth spending time, you are committing a grave mistake. In fact, a large majority of tourists don’t even know what to see and where to stay in Dubai. Yes, some of these may be on a tight budget due to which staying at Burj Khalifa or Jumeirah Lake Towers may not be affordable to them, but what about others? Think about it, why every other tourist pretends to be on a budget when they are not, on the contrary, they can afford a night’s stay at Burj Al Arab provided they are willing to do so as well.

Today is the day when you will decide that you will not take a tour to Dubai until you have enough time and money in hand and when you do, you will not hold your hand back. Coming back to Dubai, the city is full of exiting places, hotels and beaches. It is only a matter of time when you will begin to fall in the awe and charm of this city. It is a magic that will keep you in its grasp as long as you are here. Land on the airport and you will begin to feel it. In the next phase, you need to reach the hotel, take some rest, and review our tourism plan once more. You never know if you had to make some alterations to it and include and exclude some spots out. Here is more on the next phase.

Take A Rent A Car

That’s the first thing to do when you are here. Don’t stop those cabs when you can have your own rental sedan with chauffeur. Rent your favorite brand and ask the chauffeur to take you to your next destination, the Jumeirah Beach. Nothing attracts tourists more than a nice and calm beach on a blazing hot sunny day. You will have a lot of these sunny days during your summer stay at Dubai so make sure not to take a desert safari in the afternoon.

Speaking of desert safari, make it the second one on your list and do it either in the morning or evening. The heat can be quite unbearable in Dubai and the last thing you need is to fall prey to heat.