4 Tips On Redesigning A Space On A Budget

From time to time, homeowners revamp their space to give it a new look. For those who can afford it, they try to regularly give their space a facelift. But for those who are struggling to make the ends meet, redecorating would be the last on their list of priorities.

But experts in interior decoration in Dubai said a home or room revamp is still possible despite the budget constraints. If you are planning to give your space a facelift, here are some inexpensive ways to do it:

  1. Think of a new concept


This is definitely the most exciting phase of the project. Since you are trying to give your space new look, a new theme is definitely in order. But you need to remember that since you are short in cash, you need to select a theme that is realistic and simple. A complicated design theme would take weeks to do and you need to spend more to make it happen. Stick with something phenomenal but financially plausible and make it simple and workable.


  1. Take an inventory


Once you have a theme set, try to run through your belongings and furnishings and see which of these items are still good for recycling and up-cycling. Making a list of your belongings would help you identify the things that are for disposal and what are the things you can reuse for your new space design. This can save you a lot of money, money you can use for purchasing other design elements.


  1. Go for second hand items


Some people are adamant on buying pre-loved stuff due to its condition. But there are a number of sellers who offer home furnishings that are still in top condition. Most of the time, these sellers sell their items to fund their home renovation and they have no use for these furnishings. The key to buying second hand home furniture is to personally check the item.


  1. Refurbish old furnishings


If you have an old table in your room that you want to use again, it would be best to refurbish them first. Refurbishing your items can help you to extend their lifespan and also give it a brand new look. There are a lot of ways to do this. Just be sure that the new look of your refurbished furnishings would go well with your new theme. You can do this yourself and have someone do this for you.

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