Location and expectation from Expo 2020

The upcoming World famous Expo is going to be held in Dubai next year surely. But what’s the exact location in Dubai is here, so that you know in which direction to steer your wheel.


This year’s expo theme is ‘Connecting minds, Creating future’. For this amazing event to be held, a location like Al Wasal Plaza is best as it is situated right in the heart of the Dubai. Al Wasal Plaza is still under construction but the audiences were giving a look in April 2017. From the looks of it, it can be understood that it is going to be another magnificent architect of Dubai which would be a delight to look at, as it is going to create a 360 degree dome arch,  projecting screens, showing the views of of the audience inside and outside as well.


The vice president of the property of Dubai 2020 Expo laid out few bits of information for us to keep wandering our imaginations. He says that the dome will be 65 meter tall with a diameter of 115 which is surely able to stage 10000 audience in a single go. Now we can only imagine how  usually intensifying its opening and closing ceremonies are going to be.


The dome is also said to be partly open to the sky, outlined with fountains, waterfalls and countryside gardens which are surely going to be a feast to look at, just like all the other structures standing all up and high in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On the whole, the venue is guaranteed to be a true work of art.


This Pavilion is going to be designed by Santiago Calatrava and from the glimpses of the sketch, it looks like an outline of a beautiful white Falcon. Keep your brains running and imagine that if an outline is this, beautiful then what the original structure is going to look like when it’s finally done. It is sure to be very beautiful and will win the hearts of many who visit the event.


We hope to see the final results soon for which we wish Dubai all the best of luck for the upcoming Expo 2020 which we are sure, Dubai is going to ace.

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