3 ways to celebrate the month of mental health

Now, we see people talking about mental health openly than ever that is certainly a huge change that we all needed so badly. Almost one in every three individuals is suffering from depression and stress. Some of them often find themselves on the verge of collapse because there is nothing more dangerous and harmful for our physical and mental health than depression. For this reason, making more and more people aware of the state of depression is the most important thing for all of us. We often notice that despite having obvious signs and evident symptoms of depression, people are less likely to understand their condition and find a way to get rid of it. Therefore, it is extremely important for all individuals to pay attention to spreading information regarding mental health as much as possible. The more we will focus on making more and more people aware of this condition the more we will be able to prevent people from destroying and ruining their lives.


Certainly, we all know that May is considered as the month of mental health and awareness and it is celebrated all over the globe with great enthusiasm and spirit because everyone wants to contribute to the cause that can save lives of thousands and millions of people. However, the fact of the matter is that there are some people who don’t really bother about it and have zero knowledge of mental health. They are not concerned for the mental and physical health of others as well as of themselves. They don’t really care whether someone in their surroundings is suffering from stress or depression. They don’t even know whether they need couselling Dubai or not since they are not aware of mental health issues.


However, one of the best ways of encouraging people to help their friends and people in their surroundings who are suffering from depression is to spread awareness regarding it. The more you will focus on spreading awareness regarding the mental health the more you will be able to help the maximum number of people. Here are some ways to celebrate the month of mental health in order to make more people aware of it.


  1. Everyone must take part in campaigns that are likely to offer free counseling services and sessions to the people who cannot afford it.
  2. All we must do is to pay attention to spreading information regarding mental health in the best possible manner.
  3. We must aware people that they must look forward to depression therapy Dubai if they show signs and symptoms of stress and depression.