Warning signs of potential kidney failure

The final stage of a kidney disorder is when the kidney completely ceases performing its main function. Impending kidney failure can be a rather traumatic time but determining the symptoms of kidney failure can make it possible for patients to seek treatment and at times even reverse the damage. A few signs of impending kidney failure are:

1- Anemia

One of the main functions of the kidney is to regulate the production of red blood cells in the body. When a patient suffers from a renal disorder, the production of red blood cells begins decreasing. If your blood test shows a decrease in red blood cell count then make sure you get checked by a specialist for proper healthcare in Seychelles right away.

2- Edema

In the initial stages edema or swelling is only known to occur in the feet and legs of the patient. However, as time goes by it progresses throughout the body edema takes place because the kidney starts to retain water instead of passing it through.

3- Sudden changes in behavior

People suffering from different stages of kidney related issues are known to suffer from sudden mood swings and bouts of confusion including hallucinations and delusions.

4- Severe pain in the flank

For those who don’t know the flank is the part of the body found between the hip or pelvis and extends to the lowest rib. On the whole, pain in the flank in a kidney related condition can be rather extreme. In some cases the pain may even travel down to the lower abdominal part and affect the testicles.

5- Unusual smell in the urine

People afflicted with kidney failure are known to notice an unusual yet sweet smell in their urine. Make sure that you get in touch with your doctor right away if you notice this smell.

6- Reduced urination

Although reduction in the quantity of urine doesn’t always signify kidney failure or the need for holidays dialysis in Seychelles, it is best for you to get checked by a doctor if you notice a reduction in urine.

7- Shortness in breath

Although not unique to kidney failure shortening of breath is considered one of the tell-tale signs of kidney failure. It is usually believed to be brought about by a sudden surge in blood pressure which is yet another symptom of kidney disease.